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The leading provider of downloadable audio, offering a vast selection of audiobooks, newspapers, magazines, radio shows and a whole lot more. It's easy: download and listen at your computer or download to your MP3 player.

Sci-Fi & Mystery @ features the most popular magazine subscription titles at low publisher-authorized prices.

This new site hopes to direct you to the best of today's authors in alternative fiction. You'll find news, reviews, books, and bios, to help you find something new to read.

Broad Universe  
Broad Universe is a new organization with the primary goal of promoting science fiction, fantasy, and horror written by women. Anyone excited about that project is welcome to join.

chronicles-network: science fiction fantasy network  
Science fiction and fantasy website, dealing with book reviews, film, SFF news, and a friendly and fast growing community forum.  
The home of the industrial and fetishcore fiction of punk underground writer and author of I-O, simonlogan.

Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT) focuses on the 22nd century adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer aboard the Enterprise NX-01 during the early days of interstellar travel.

The decisions you make will determine your fate in this choose your own adventure type theme.

Hoshikaze 2250  
A SF universe set in a space-op / cyber year 2250. Web-written in french by a smalle team of authors, features 25+ short stories & a 400+ pages encyclopedia

Klingon Language Institute  
Mission is to promote, foster, and develop the Klingon language.

Outer Space Wetworks  
Outer Space Wetworks are free online sci-fi stories written by Barry G. Rijkse. These short stories are an ongoing series about Terra Force's special covert teams.

Russian Science Fiction and Fantasy  
Official pages of writersof contemporary Russian science fiction plus awards, reviews, interviews, photos, pictures, bibliography.

Sci Fi Editor  
Book editing service specializing in science / speculative fiction. Resources for readers and writers of SF.

SCI FI Magazine  
At least they did not change this to SyFy (hate that). Get the latest news on all sci-fi entertainment.

Science Fiction and Fantasy World  
With more than 10.000 pages of SF and Fantasy related content is one of the largest SF and Fantasy literature websites on the Internet today.

Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater  
Science Fiction Blast-Off Theater is an anthology of original short science fiction plays.

SciFan: Books & Links for the Science Fiction Fan  
Books & Links for the Science Fiction Fan. SciFan helps science fiction and fantasy book lovers find new stuff to read. We feature classics, series in their reading order, bibliographies, links to pages dedicated to SF&F authors, themes and more.

Star Trek eBooks  
Star Trek eBooks in the aasy to use Adobe PDF file format. Read your Star Trek novel on any PC!

Tantor Media, Inc.  
Tantor Media publishes audio books by classic Science Fiction authors such as H.G. Wells, Jules Verne and Edgar Rice Burroughs. Audio books are available in MP3-CD and Audio CD formats.

The American Book of the Dead  
A History of the Future: World War III, UFOs, and life after death, written by someone who has witnessed it all firsthand.

the Pulp Net  
Discover the thrilling adventures of yesteryear -- the pulps -- and why they're still popular.

The UK Sci-Fi TV Book Guide  
A comprehensive guide to UK Sci-Fi TV novelisations and script books from the last 40 years.

Warpcore SF  
Science fiction and fantasy reviews, short stories, quizzes and news.

Writer's Helper  
Author of the Sci-Fi Fantasy book "Caterpillarian Chronicles." Professional service to possibly increase the chance of an agent, studio or screenwriting contest reader giving your script/manuscript a consider or recommend.


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