May 212016
Mattel's Ghostbusters Ecto Minis Figures Codes and Review

  Mattel is releasing a line of mini figures for the Ghostbusters films (Classic and 2016 films). Recently spotted the three pack sets at Toys R Us along with the Mini Ecto-1. Then later spotted the blind bags at Target. These are for the 2016 film. We have yet to spot the classic blind bags, [… read more]

Jun 162015
LEGO Dimensions Portal Video

Holy crap this game is going to be fun. But someone should really tell Gandalf and Batman that the cake is a lie. GLaDOS puts the heroes of #LEGODimensions through multiple tests that can only be solved by using the LEGO Toy Pad. How will it work? Watch and find out, there might be … [… read more]

Mar 192015
Legal LEGO Gals

Newsweek posted this awesome LEGO version of the female Justices made by Maia Weinstock. This is what we call a Justice League. via Newsweek: Custom Lego figures of the first four female justices of the U.S. Supreme Court: Sonia Sotomayor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Sandra Day O’Connor and Elena Kagan. MAIA WEINSTOCK Check out the Newsweek [… read more]

Mar 122015
LEGO Springfield Expands With Addition of Kwik-E-Mart

Visit The Kwik-E-Mart—Springfield’s favorite convenience store!  Welcome to The Kwik-E-Mart—your one-stop shop for convenience foods at inconvenient prices! This highly detailed and iconic LEGO® version of The Simpsons™ store is packed with more rich, colorful details than a Mr. Burns birthday cake has candles! Walk under the huge Kwik-E-Mart sign and join Homer, Marge and [… read more]

Jan 102015
Bionicles are Back!

THE LEGO GROUP REVEALS DETAILS OF JANUARY 1, 2015 GLOBAL LEGO® BIONICLE® LAUNCH The LEGO Group, makers of the world’s leading construction toys, today unveiled detailed product information, principle graphic design and a video short for the LEGO® BIONICLE franchise onstage at New York City Comic Con. Featuring a range of constructible action figures, LEGO [… read more]

Aug 292013
Symbiote Studios Is Now Being Carried By One of Our Favorite Online Retailers EE

Vinyl Toy manufacturer Symbiote Studios announced today that their product line is now carried by leading toy and collectible distributor Entertainment Earth. Consumers and retailers alike can preorder Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Astrid with Blade of Woe, Elder Scrolls V: Skryim Dark Elf In Daedric Armor Vinyl Figure, and DOOM Space Marine Vinyl Figure for [… read more]

Aug 012013
Back to the Future in LEGO

Available today! The LEGO Back to the Future Delorean Time Machine. I will be setting my browser to at warp speed and placing my order for this set ASAP. If I had gone to SDCC this would have been one of those booths that I would have stood in line at to buy this set. [… read more]

Apr 292013
Star Trek Fighter Pods Series 1 Checklist

First there were Star Wars Fighter Pods, then there was Spider-man, now we have Star Trek! Since Hasbro hasn’t seen fit to make their site live yet here is a checklist of the Star Trek fighter Pods for all you geeks, like me, out there. (I will be doing one for the Kre-o toys as [… read more]

Apr 152013
Holy Action Figures Batman!

A while back they announced that the Batman TV series from the sixties had licensed actions figures and other collectibles. Sweet! But they did not tell us what exactly or give us any pictures (although I know someone some where had to have covered these at Toy Fair). is has the figures up for pre-order and [… read more]

Nov 062012
Underdog Talking Plush Dog Toy

Even dogs are getting into the cool nostalgic cartoons these days! And Multipet International isn’t passing up a great license like Underdog that’s for sure. This cute little super soft hero stands about eight inches high, wears his blue cape and says, “there’s no need to fear, Underdog is here!” when you squeeze his belly. [… read more]