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Aliens and Elves  
Science fiction and fantasy fiction portal. Read news and reviews of sci-fi, fantasy and speculative fiction novels, movies, conventions and more, plus find links to science fiction, fantasy and horror genre authors, publishers and magazines

Battlestar Fanfilms  
The only website dedicated to catalogueing and linking to all the Original Series Battlestar Galactica fanfilms on the internet.

Desert Realm Sci-Fi and Fantasy Search Engine  
Science Fiction and Fantasy Search Engine, Forum, Newsletter, Games, and Featured Link List.

Fandom Directory  
Your on-line link to Fandom around the world: Sci-Fi, Star Trek, Comics, Trading Cards.

Kaiju-Direct! Website Directory  
Japanese Sci-Fi and Fantasy on the world wide web.

Monster Genocide  
In the future, mankind will battle for control of the planet! Nightmarish creatures will call earth their home, and magic will replace the properties of science! You have entered the realm of Monster Genocide, audio adventures and online community.

RHPS Search Engine  
The only Rocky Horror Picture Show Search Engine. Your portal to RHPS on the web. It is new so come add your site to this light in the darkness of everybodies web.

SadHOO - SadGeezers Guide to Cult Science Fiction  
SadGeezers Guide to Cult TV Science Fiction, home of SadHOO, the web's largest dedicated Sci Fi directory.

Science Fiction and Fantasy Resource Network  
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror search engine and directory. Our portal helps you find the best scifi and fantasy on the web.

Science fiction novels and sci fi authors - this site shows which sci fi novels and authors that are worth your time with indepth description and reviews of the genre.

SciFi UK Review  
SF UK (Science Fiction, Scifi) reviews and essays of media including books, movies, dvd, authors. From one SF junkie to another.

The Sci Fi Freak Site  
Review of big and small screen science fiction from around the world as seen in the UK.

The Star Trek MIDI Page  
Star Trek related MIDI files for download, including themes of all movies and series, the songs of Vic Fontaine and many more.  
Comprehensive portal to Science Fiction sites on the Web. Features an in-depth directory of sites, a "best of the Web" section, and more.

Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide  
The 'Ultimate Science Fiction Web Guide' is the largest on-line encyclopedia of science fiction, with over 9,392 Science Fiction biographies, bibliographies, hotlinks.


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