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Army of Darkness
Blair Witch Project
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Evil Dead
Friday The 13th
From Dusk Till Dawn
I Know What You Did Last Summer
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Urban Legend

Box of Monsters  
monster fan site dedicated to reliving monster memories and keeping an eye on the current re-issue explosion.  
Free website goodies like counters with stats, guestbooks, forums, chat, greeting cards, site search and so much more. Check them out. It is FREE to join and FREE to use!

Classic Horror Films  
Classic horror films of Hammer, Amicus, and Tigon.

Dimension Films  
Official website for the producers of such films as Scream, Halloween:H2O, Dracula 2000 and many more.

Fritz the Nite Owl  
A site dedicated to Columbus, Ohio's best known horror movie host, Fritz the Nite Owl!

Hammer Film Productions  
HammerWeb: the official website of Hammer Film Productions Limited. Offering news, merchandise information, features and interviews.

Horror Online  
From Universal Studios comes Horror Online with news, reviews, trivia, interviews and much more all relating to the horror genre.

House of Horrors  
This shrine is to serve as a resource for old and new fans alike and it's purpose is to generate interest in horror for all, by providing information on movies, directors, stars, personalities, make-up/special effect masters, reviews, and links to other horror movie web pages.

Monster Movies  
A forum about monster movies, allowing you to view multiple monster movies posts. Post your monster movies comments.  
Look up when the newest Horror film is playing in your area. Search by movie title or zip code. Also find film reviews, news and more.

Shitty Horror  
Shitty Horror celebrates all that is weird and wonderful about the horror genre - you know those films that are 'so bad they're good'? The B-movie beauties that scrape the bottom of the barrel and come up with a salmon in each pocket?


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