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The home of cartoons online. The best cartoons from the past and best new cartoons, on TV and on the web. Show schedules, online games and cartoons plus much more.

Jem and The Holograms  
Bring Jem and The Holograms back on TV! Sign the newest petition, download Jem MP3s, videos, pics, info, interviews with cast members, polls, links and LOTS more fun!

Katie's Cartoon Page  
A list of 80's cartoons. Many are available for trade or sale.

Land of Blue Bears  
A gentle non-violent special event programming with international appeal from Director of Roger Ramjet and George of Jungle.

Superhero Cartoon Database  
Information and episode lists for hundreds of superhero cartoons - from classics to current shows.

The hit flash animation cartoon featuring the super hero WhirlGirl and her Rebel friends.


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