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20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
2001 - A Space Odyssey
Back To The Future
Blade Runner
E.T. : The Extra Terrestrial
Forbidden Planet
Galaxy Quest
Logan's Run
Men In Black (MIB)
Plan 9 From Outer Space
Planet of the Apes
Star Trek
Star Wars
The Hulk
Time Machine
Wallace and Gromit
War of the Worlds

Movies Unlimited  
Movies Unlimited is the world's oldest and most reliable source for videocassettes by mail-order. Choose from thousands of different titles in every imaginable category, including classics from the past, musicals, foreign films, "B" westerns, movie serials, TV shows, and much, much more.

50s Sci-Fi Movies  
This site is devoted to sci-fi movies of the fifties.

B-Movie Guide  
B-Movie Guide to your favorite low budget horror, sci-fi, action and adventure, and much more.

B-MOVIEZ - Science Faction  
An Academic study of 1950's science fiction, focusing on the rational fears of the period with reference to a bulk of film texts of this era, The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, Invaders From Mars, Reefer Madness ...

Bad Cinema Diary  
Short reviews and stills of B-movies from all genres -- a film guide to low-budget cinema.

Bad Movie Review Website  
A website where you can read reviews, talk with other b-movie fans, and download multimedia glorifying the genre. Sound files, images, and even MPEG video delivered with excellent clarity.  
Free website goodies like counters with stats, guestbooks, forums, chat, greeting cards, site search and so much more. Check them out. It is FREE to join and FREE to use!

Brian's Drive-In Theater  
The Drive-In has hundreds of photos and lots of information about your favorite "B" movie actors and actresses from the 1930's through the 1980's.

BroadcastMovie spotlights award winning animation, online Sci-Fi & Horror Indie Film Festivals, New Release & Vintage Movie Trailers, Classic Cartoons, TV, Feature Length Films, entertaining articles focusing on youth lifestyle culture, bios of classic stars & directors and much, much more.

Canadian Nebula Rangers  
Canadian Nebula Rangers - Canada's Elite Mounted Space Troops. Watch it online or buy the videotape. Site includes online video clips, gallery or characters, news and information plus a store.

Classic Sci-fi  
Browse an impressive list of science fiction films, each with a short profile, photograph, and cast lists. Unlimited access to more than 2,500,000 clipart images, animations, photos, fonts, and sounds! Unlimited access to more than 2,500,000 clipart images, animations, photos, fonts, and sounds! Unlimited access to more than 2,500,000 clipart images, animations, photos, fonts, and sounds!

Comics 2 Film  
Comics2Film publishes news and rumors about movies and TV show in development based on comic books and comic strips.

New USA Indie Sci Fi movie that introduces UK's new action woman 'ZARA' The Current Movie Directory  
A human-edited directory of links focusing on current movies including news, reviews, sci-fi films, comic book movies, horror films, international film, trailers, publications, festivals, tickets, theaters, and showtimes.

Gelfling College  
Art, stories, and humor honoring Jim Henson's film "The Dark Crystal."

Horror Movies Central  
Brings the latest in horror movie news, tracks upcoming horror movies, trailers, clips and lists free horror movies for visitors to watch.

A site dedicated to Fritz Lang's 1927 sci-fi classic, Metropolis.  
Look up when the newest Sci-Fi film is playing in your area. Search by movie title or zip code. Also find film reviews, news and more.

new Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid trailer  
The upcoming science fiction film, "Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid," inspired by the old "Commando Cody," "Flash Gordon," and "Dan Dare" space adventures, is currently in post-production. I have sent you the direct link to the new trailer. The site can be found at Thank you for your time.

Nifty Fiftys Page  
Dedicated to the sci-fi and horror films of the fifties.

Other Dimension  
Science fiction and fantasy resource with links, features and book and movie recommendations.

Quest: First Contact  
SilverGod Pictures, an independent digital motion picture company in Austin, TX, is producing a scifi feature film known as Quest: First Contact. Production has begun on Quest, with production of First Contact not too far behind. Visit for information, cast and story of Quest: First Contact.

Race The Movie  
"Race" is an independent computer animated sci-fi action film produced by Hyper Image and released on DVD May 25th, 2010.  
RES - International programs from around the globe, in the Science Fiction, Horror, Martial arts, Animation, Exploitation & Cult Genre. Just like you find on the convention sales floor.

Rob's Sci Fi Movie Page  
Sci Fi movie posters from the 50's and 60's Classic Arcade games and Sci Fi Midi Themes.

RocketShip Video  
Rocketship Video is a website that celebrates the science-fiction of a bygone era.

Sci-Fi Road  
All about Sci-Fi movies, UFO stuff, paranormal and more. Links, pictures, stories and more.

Sci-Fi Station: Sci-Fi Masters  
Learn more about some of the best sci-fi masters like: Ray Harryhausen, George Pal, Stanley Kubrick and George Lucas.  
A great science fiction movies resource and news page.

Science Fiction Films  
A small listing of Science Fiction Films.  
Movie information, free classified ads, chat, reviews and much more.

SciFi Movie Poster's from the 50's and 60's  
Rob's Sci Fi Dimension. Featuring Sci Fi Movie Posters from the 50's and 60's, Rob's Classic Arcade, Rob's Sci Fi Movie Themes and Posters.  
Science fiction movies, books, dvds, etc. Information on movies coming to theaters, coming out on video, new books, etc.

SF Movie Heaven  
A homage to sf films past and present. Currently a small number of pages, but links to many other excellent movie sites.

SFWORLD offers 100 scifi movies, novels, short-stories reviewed and rated, it is designed to help finding ambitious sf-literature and top sf-movies. All scifi movie reviews and all reviews of scifi novels and short-stories include a description of the story line, a review and a rating, most scifi reviews offer also some photos and movie posters.

SilverGod Pictures  
Gay Film/Digital Production company focusing on the genre of sci fi and fantasy with GLBT interest and talent. Currently in production and development a sci fi feature film with openly gay characters. It is the mission of SilverGod Pictures to provide the highest quality of story telling without loosing the essance of the human soul.

Spplat Attack  
William Shatner leads the forces of earth to resist the alien hordes led by national radio personality Mancow and the cyborg warriors led by paintball icon Tom Kaye. Spplat Attack pits three teams against each other in a sci-fi themed paintball war scenario.

Stampede Entertainment  
The folks behind Tremors folms and TV series.

Tachyon TV  
The world's first temporal news service dedicated to sci-fi news and gossip

The Astounding B Monster  
Sci fi, horror and cult films of the past.

The Sci-Fi Movie Page  
"Hundreds of reviews of both classic and more recent sci-fi movies and DVDs, plus downloadable scripts, news on upcoming movies, discussion boards, clips and trailers, and more."

What Madness Productions, LLC  
What Madness Productions, LLC is an independent video production company. We specialize in science fiction and fantasy mini DV movies most of which are available for viewing online. We are also currently producing a feature-length fantasy film.


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