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Danaerea - the hidden History of the Universe  
There is a single truth behind the myths and legends of humanity. Read the hidden history of the universe. In order to thwart the Yannoneth's desire to convert humanity into hosts, the Twelve of Danaerea have endowed a small group of humans with the power of the g'ru'tnok.

SCIENCE FICTION SATIRE- "The Intergalactic misadventures of Elvis Mellon" Pirate radio station dj and part time Superhero. Excerpts from the epic adventures and short stories and multi media web pages of text -images-audio-animations! Follow the zany adventures of Elvis Mellon - intergalactic media personality!

1970-1980 Sci-fi miniature models italian web site.  
Science fiction, fantasy and horror reviews, focusing on movies, television and graphic novels.

GreenTentacles provides resources for people who make their living in the speculative fiction (science fiction, fantasy, horror) industries.

Krypton Radio  
Krypton Radio is both an online news and media service and an internet radio station, with its finger on the pulse of fandom. We broadcast sci-fi, comic book, steampunk and fandom music and news around the clock and serve it up on a daily basis, for fans just like you.

Maheshs Empire  
The Center of All things Star Wars, Science Fiction, Movies and useful links. By Mahesh Walatara

Porkepyn's SciFi & Horror Collectors Film Memorabilia  
Classic SciFi & Horror Film Collectables, over 1000 Film Stills, Lobby Cards, Presskits, Heralds, Sound & Film Clips

Project Galactic Guide  
Project Galactic Guide remains a freely accessible, contributor-based attempt to gather up slightly tongue-in-cheek articles about all things real and imagined. You won't find boring encyclopedia entries here, but rather humorous takes on the world as we know it (and a few on the world as we don't know it) written by amateur writers all around the world.

Sci-Fi 2000  
Genre news and information. TV series fan pages, VHS Cover Sheets, VHS Labels, VideoCD Labels, CDR Labels, Hundreds of television themes, Famous Quotes, Video Dubbing how to's, Digital art work for download and more for the genre fan.

Science Fiction Creators  
The Science Fiction Creators Portal. Home of the Science Fiction Creators Webring. Visit our Links, eZine, Comics, Stories and more.

SciFi Japan  
SciFi Japan, your source for news and information on all your favorite Japanese movies, TV shows and videos… and others you may never have heard of before! - Sci-Fi News, Reviews & Interviews From UK  
Featuring sci-fi news, reviews & interviews updated on a daily basis. Genres include science fiction, fantasy and horror.

SCIFIPUNDIT...Blog me up Scotty  
A place where Sci-Fi fans they may discuss their hopes, dreams, and wishes for what's to come in the universe of Science Fiction and related topics.

ScifiSlacker's Blog  
Yet another place on the web to find a scifi slacker's sf postings! Here we ramble about all things science fiction, horror, and fantasy.  
Do you like to go to conventions , watch science fiction movies, read fantasy books, watch tv shows, play role-play games like Dungeons and Dragons or Vampire: The Masquerade, video, or collectible card games, collect science fiction toys and collectibles? Then you belong here.

The Sci-Fi Kabbal  
A community based on sci-fi/fanstasy movies, TV, & books. Use our checklists to keep track of the books and episodes you have seen, which calculates you Star Trek percentage rating. Also, forums and a book-of-the-month club.

Xenite.Org Domain  
Xenite.Org's science fiction and fantasy Web sites include several popular link directories for Xena and Hercules, J.R.R. Tolkien and Middle-earth, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Tarzan, and Barsoom, and EFC.


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