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Ah! My Goddess
Bubblegum Crisis
Dragon Ball Z
Final Fantasy
Ghost In The Shell
Hello Kitty
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Tenchi Muyo
Vampire Hunter D
Vampire Princess Miyu

Anime: Japanese Animation: Adult Animation Sci-Fi / Horror  
Not all cartoons are for kids. Mature audience Japanese Anime films ranging from Horror and Science Fiction to Erotic Fantasy. Come see what all the excitement is about when it comes to anime.

Right Stuf International  
Anime superstore and resource center. Great selection of products and tons of information about all types of anime including adult and hentai.

60s Anime by Glen Johnson  
This site covers Astroboy,Kimba,8Man,Marine Boy ,Gigantor and other toons from Japan seen in the 60s.

Anime Web Turnpike  
The #1 anime and manga guide on the internet! Information on anime and manga titles such as pokemon, dragonball, sailor moon, ranma, evangelion, rurouni kenshin, slayers, fushigi yuugi and gundam.

EX Magazine  
The online world of anime and manga.

Gary's Anime Page  
A collection of anime and animation images.

Kaiju- Direct ! Website Directory  
Japanses science fiction and fantasy on the world wide web.


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