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Atomic Swindlers  
The Atomic Swindlers' Coming Out Electric is being met with rave reviews! With descriptions like “lush,” “big and beautiful melodic rock,” “grand Beatles pop as told by Barbarella…” the CD has fans across the US on an intergalactic groove.  
One of the funniest sci-fi related song parody sites out there. Go download MP3s and buy the CDs.

Marshead Records  
Space Rock, Space Jazz, and Psychedelic music

Matthew Ebel  
The official website for piano rocker and space pirate captain Matthew Ebel.

Prometheus Music  
Prometheus Music specializes in albums about space exploration, science-fiction, and fantasy.

The No Kill I  
No Kill I is a Star Trek punk rock band in Sacramento, CA.

TV Tunes Online  
Classic TV and Cartoon Wav files to download. We've gathered TV themes from the 50's through the 80's. A trip down memory lane.

Warp 11 - Official Site of the Sci-Fi Rock Legends  
While most modern day rock artists assert their dominance through tales of wealth and power, Warp 11 proves their worth with fantasies of celebrity friendship on their first radio single “Everything I Do, I Do with William Shatner.” Warp 11 fuses original rock music with a clever, irreverent look at the Trek. They will be appearing in the upcoming Paramount Pictures movie "Trekkies 2".

William Edge Radio - ambient space music  
Broadcasting across the universe, William Edge tells stories of science fiction through music. Watch and listen as William Edge's vidoettes take you on fantastic voyages through space.

Monstrous Movie Music  
Monstrous Movie Music is the only soundtrack CD label specializing in music from classic science fiction, fantasy, and horror films.

Science fiction inspired lyrics producing some of the most astonishing space-pop ever in this galaxy.

SciFi Electronica Channeled by Aliens  
Randy Jones, original Village People cowboy, has a new SciFi-Electronica CD, Imagining Mandolins. The CD explores a range of Electronica styles from Techno, House and Hip Hop, to Trance and Ambient, with whimsical science fiction elements scattered throughout. The duo claims the music was channeled through them, and is an alien artifact that describes the origin of the human species after an invasion by an alien race upon our planetary ancestors.


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