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Alien Abductions
Area 51

Home of England's crop circle makers. Contains case histories, documents and exhibits.

Dark Government conspiracy, ufo,technology,and discussion  
Government conspiracy, ufos, black budgets, research, scandal, alien technology and Conspiracy related discussion and information

The gateway to the underground - news, politics, conspiracy and weirdness.

Life Beyond Earth  
Are we alone? The search for an answer is pretty daunting.

Official Jim Marrs Website  
Jim Marrs, respected journalist and author of Alien Agenda and Crossfire, is a freethinker who looks at the most controversial of current events with a critical eye, with a mindset that cuts to the core of what mainstream news outlets report is taking place. Marrs reads between the lines. He writes between the lines. He sees through the spin.  
Social networking website for outer space enthusiasts.

Steamshovel Press. All Conspiracy. No Theory.  
Alternative news & comment on criminal corporate-government conspiracies. Reviews of books, movies and pop culture.

The Enterprise Mission  
Richard Hoagland's official site, devoted to his theories about the Face on Mars, NASA conspiracies, and more.

Time Ocular  
New re-release of the action thriller that describes a machine, discovered near the Great Pyramid, that has the capacity to see into the past.

World of Mysteries of Erich von Däniken  
For over 30 years, Erich von Däniken has pursued the theory which postulates that Earth might have been visited by extraterrestrials in the remote past. Erich von Däniken, the world's most successful non-fiction writer of all time, has written 26 books on the topic and has sold over 60 million copies worldwide.


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