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Alternate Species  
Science fiction, Fantasy and Horror short stories and more ...

Aphelion - Science Fiction and Fantasy  
Aphelion - Science Fiction and Fantasy

Blakslee Publishing  
Science Fiction & Fantasy Web Publishing.

Common Scents Stardusterzine  
A mostly humorous collection of prose, poetry, plays, and pictures featuring: satire, science fiction, fantasy, cartoons, commentary, children's literature, and trivia.

Dark Moon Rising  
Dark Moon Rising is a Science-Fiction, Fantasy, Horror Ezine published Bi-Monthly.

Dark Planet  
A webzine of science fiction, modern fantasy, poetry, and related nonfiction.

Electronic Fanzines (E-Zines)  
Listing of newsletters, fanzines and ezines.

Star Trek: Enterprise (ENT) focuses on the 22nd century adventures of Captain Jonathan Archer aboard the Enterprise NX-01 during the early days of interstellar travel.

EX Magazine  
The online eZine for the world of anime and manga.

Are you in to Ghosts UFOs Big Foot and other strange things then you should try this site

Planet Magazine  
Planet Magazine is the free, award-winning and groundbreaking electronic quarterly of short science fiction and fantasy by emerging writers and illustrators. Our goal is to encourage authors and artists and to just have fun.

Quantum Muse - A science fiction and fantasy e-zine.  
Posting the finest in science fiction, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free.

Raven Electrick  
A lively web-zine featuring short stories and poems in all subgenres of sf/f/h and mystery, from sword and sorcery to space opera, cyperpunk to vampire yarn.

Sci-Fi Guys  
An online science fiction newsletter and forum.

Sci-Fi Online  
Free online sci-fi magazine providing news, reviews, features, interviews and competitions on all your favourite TV and Movie Sci-Fi shows. Run by four ex-members of Dreamwatch magazine.  
News and discussion about speculative fiction as it is published on the internet. allows science fiction, fantasy, horror, rpg, ebooks; webmasters and authors can submit news, reviews and comment on their online publishing efforts.

Star Harbor Nights  
A free science fiction and fantasy serial story with hundreds of pages of archives and new offerings multiple times a week. Star Harbor Nights blends science fiction and fantasy in a world of masked heroes, mutants, and magic. E-mail subscriptions now available for series beginning November 1st.

Strange Horizons  
A free, high-quality online magazine of fantasy and science fiction.

The Infinite matrix  
A journal for people who love science fiction as a literature of ideas. Daily weblog by Bruce Sterling, weekly shortshorts by Hugo winner Michael Swanwick and core-cyberpunk Richard Kadrey. Original short stories by Ursula Le Guin, Gene Wolfe, Rudy Rucker, and more.

The Last Wizards  
Explore the connections between environmental defense, the magic of the wild, and occult philosophy. Weekly articles on ecological philosophy, postmodern theory, magick, eco-defense, activism, technology, culture and the Earth.

The Official Philip Josť Farmer Home Page  
The Official Philip Josť Farmer Home Page publishes a quarterly zine called FARMERPHILE which prints previously unpublished stories and articles by Hugo Award-winning author and SFWA Grand Master Philip Josť Farmer.


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