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Add A Site Request

This directory is organized by subject and topic into categories and sub categories. Sites are placed into the directory by a selection team who listen to and consider your suggestions. However, it is their decision for where the site will be listed so the directory is helpful to everyone.

How to get your site listed in three easy steps:

Step One - Check if listed.

Check to see if the site is already listed in the directory. You can do this by checking the appropriate categories. Or you can type the title or URL into the search box.

Step Two - Find the appropriate category.

You will need to go to the appropriate category and select "add a site"; this is key to this operation. This will tell us where you want the site to be listed.

Step Three - Click "add a site".

After you find the appropriate category, select "add a site" in the top menu of that category. Follow the instructions and give us the site's name, url, and a short description.


It is up the selection team for where a site is ultimately listed in the directory. Your "add a site" request is only a suggestion. For obvious reasons, only the selection team chooses which sites are "cool". But if you think your site is the tops email us at and tell us why you think your site should be listed on our cool sites page and given our award of excellence.