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I HEAR DEAD PEOPLE by Renee Reeser Zelnick

We’ve seized control of your TV set. Do not adjust your television.

White Noise pretty much makes me think of a Brian Eno album-However in this case White Noise is a Geoffrey Sax directed super-natural thriller with more seizure-inducing jump cuts than a Japanese game show!

Imagine my first bone-shattering chill as the name Michael Bolton appears on screen (oh, thank the gods- it’s production designer Michael S. Bolton). A flashy, freaky title sequence (a’ la seven) sets the tone for an uncomfortable roller-coaster ride into the darkest depths of the lead character’s psyche.

We meet talented architect Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) and his second wife, successful best-selling author Anna (NYPD’s Chandra West). Her mysterious disappearance is followed by Jonathan’s stalking by portly and creepy Raymond (Ian McNiece)… a self-professed, obsessed EVP expert. EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) simply put, is the audio recording of the dead (?). Raymond explains that the dead are around us all the time, and Anna has been contacting him thru digital audio and video recording devices (the latter actually known as ITC or Instrumental Transcommunication.) Apparently, our human eyes and ears are insensitive to the otherworldly signals that show up on tape/digital playback.

Jonathan is, of course, skeptical at first, but after visiting Raymond’s studio, reminiscent of your high school geek infested AV club- he too is convinced Anna is trying to communicate from the other side. Not since POLTERGEIST has static been so exciting.

Jonathan sets up his own ghost-hunting studio, apparently he makes Frank Gehry money as an architect - as he equips himself with numerous HDTV, plasma and LCD flat screens. Jonathan too becomes obsessed with the VHS and audiotapes’ tedious, repetitive blips and beeps. So much so that he seems to forget that he is alive- Constantly sending off his son to stay with his ex. Good thing too as the young son is obviously bored by dad’s new hobby. Often times one must sit thru hours of these video or audio recordings before finding anything. And we as the DVD viewer spend a lot of time staring at a guy staring at a TV. Irony?!

Soon, he sees images, not only of his dead wife - but of happenings of the present and near-future- all of which it seems he can effect the outcome - kind of like Batman, sans cape and mask. From the other side, Anna shows him video clips and pleads for his action - clearly what she really wants do is direct.

Okay- I can’t take it anymore…I have to tell you all what really happened:

So, like this is where everything gets weird- here I am, in the middle of normal reality, at the DVD release party for WHITE NOISE at Hollywood’s infamous and supposedly haunted ROOSEVELT HOTEL- I drag my husband Michel (super-skeptic and part-time paranormal investigator) there with me to cover the event and to check out Tom and Lisa Butler, the couple that run the AAEVP- the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (check out They’re there that night to do a live EVP recording in various haunted hot spots in the hotel. They invite us and the other press members to join them in the famous Gable-Lombard Suite on the twelfth floor. Michel wandered off and I find him by the bar with my mini-digital recorder I brought to record notes on the presentation. I noticed the record light was on. “I figure if there’s anything here, it’s gotta be here by the bar” he says smiling. I laugh and we exchange a few sentences as I look out the window to the historic Chinese Theater across the street. I pull out my digital camera to take a picture or two- and it goes dead! I checked the batteries before leaving home and they were fine. Strange- at that moment another press crew’s motion camera goes dead. Weird! We hang out for a bit as Tom and Lisa do their audio recording thing in the two-story suite. They explain that low-tech equipment is often best and to use headphones upon playback, as most EVP are but a whisper. Nothing audible seems to be happening, so Mike and I laugh it off as a buncha bunk and we decide to get ‘ghost’ ourselves and head home. I grab our goodie-bag and scramble to find our valet stub. Scary!

Upon returning home, Mike grabs a set of headphones and stretches out on our chaise. I notice his smug expression change. He hits the rewind and listens again. His eyes water slightly. He hands me the headphones. I listen to the familiar sounds from earlier in the evening. People milling about laughing, talking, and some strange hissy background sounds, I hear Mike make the bar comment, and then, there it is, plain as day- a female sounding voice warns us “LEAVE ME ALONE”. I play it back, again and again. Now my eyes are full on watering and my goosebumps have goosebumps.

Anyway- I now need to go to the AAEVP website myself and figure out how to best transfer our recording to my computer, and do a little more research on this phenomena I was completely skeptical over.

Oh yeah. White Noise is a Universal Pictures release rated PG-13 for violence, disturbing images and language. Running time: 101 minutes. Check it out if you liked The Sixth Sense and The Grudge.


DVD Release and EVP Event
On Monday in Hollywood, Tom & Lisa Butler, Directors of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena demonstrate Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) at an event thrown by Universal Studios Home Entertainment to mark the Tuesday DVD release of White Noise.

The event was held at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood, where paranormal activity has been reported for decades, included a live EVP session to make contact with the departed.

The White Noise DVD includes bonus features on EVP including Tom & Lisa Butler sharing their personal experiences and a demonstration how audiences can conduct their own sessions at home. (Photo Courtesy of Jaime Trueblood / Universal)

Also pictured...Wendy Garcia, Front Desk Agent of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, who shared with the media in attendance paranormal experiences she has witnessed at the hotel.


Windows Media Clips from the nights events.

Lisa Butler conducts EVP session from balcony of Clark-Gable Suite in the Roosevelt Hotel.


Tom Butler demonstrates how to listen to EVPs on his laptop.


Lisa Butler begins her EVP session by asking the spirits for permission.


Lisa Butler begins EVP session #2.


Lisa Butler conducts an EVP session with group of participants.


Tom Butler contacts the spirits through EVP.


Tom Butler discusses his experiences.


Lisa Butler describes and plays a significant EVP occurrence.


Wendy Garcia, employee of the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, shares experiences she has had with paranormal activity there.


The following EVP examples were collected during the group tour of the Gable Lombard penthouse in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. All are Class C to B quality voices. We would normally not play these examples for the public, but given the circumstances, it seems okay as long as the public is warned that these are presented so that participants to the event can hear some of the results. We did record more, but these are the clearest.

(c)2005butler_dio_frankie_start_at_3point3sec – One of the media participants said “Carlos, dio Frankie,” This was followed by the EVP, “dio Frankie.” There were a few clipped syllables between “Carlos” and “dio Frankie,” that we removed and the EVP is being talked over at the end by Tom’s voice. We did no further modification of the track. We are going to guess that we have misspelled the Spanish phrases.

(c)2005butler_get_out_of_the_room_start_at 2point8sec – The EVP portion of this track has been amplified a little. We have done the same in a couple of other cases. The originals are available for inspection.

(c)2005butler_im_talking_start_at 1point5sec – Tom is telling the entities that we can record their voice in the recorder.

(c)2005butler_this_is_margo – No additional information. Tom was asking how many people were in the room.

(c)2005butler_unknown_start_at_1point2sec – Included in case the EVP is Spanish. Otherwise, disregard this example.

(c)2005butler_yes_start_at 5point2sec – You hear the unknown word in the above example and then you year Tom say, “Nini, can you speak to us?” followed by a different participant’s cell phone ringing, and then the possible EVP, “yes.” The telephone ring may have nothing to do with the question or the EVP, but all of this is too good of a sequence to ignore. It is with such “coincident” that our friends try to communicate with us.

(c)2005butler_my_life_is_the_exception_here_start_at_2sec – This is a Class C minus, but the message seems to say, in response to Lisa telling the unseen communicators that they are dead, that his life there seems to contradict her.

The following have been amplified and spikes from the recorder have been reduced:
(c)2005butler_it_bothers_momy_and_me and_then_i_want_candy – This last one is just funny. It sound like parents are trying to manage a kid that wants candy. Who says life ends when we die?


There Is No Death and There Are No Dead: Evidence of Survival and Spirit Communication Through the Voices and Images from Those on the Other Side by Tom W. Butler and Lisa F. Butler Book Description
There is No Death and There are No Dead: Evidence of Survival and Spirit Communication through the voices and images from those on the other side.
Anyone interested in communication with a departed loved one or learning more about the "Other Side" will want to read this book

Many may be shocked to learn that the so called dead have been communicating across the veil through electronic devices since the early 1900s.

Much more than anecdotal evidence exists that we survive physical death and that our loved ones on the "Other Side" continue to interact with us. Indeed, evidence collected from Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Video Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) reveals that they actively seek ways to contact us and to offer guidance to experimenters on improving these communications.

Obtaining EVP communications is not difficult and is achieved both by those with respected scientific credentials, as well as by ordinary individuals. This book includes simple instructions for experimentation and explores the body of EVP and other evidence already accumulated by researchers around the world. There are also instructions for experimenting with Video ITC. The cover of this book is an example of the results researchers have obtained. A human-like face peers down toward the title, which the authors believe to be one of the deceased individuals working with them to bring through images from "Eternity."

Written as a tool for people interested in experimenting with EVP and Video ITC, the book includes: • A History of EVP and ITC • Numerous examples from researchers and their stories • How you can conduct you own experiments with EVP and Video ITC • What is known today about these phenomena

About the Author from
Tom and Lisa Butler are Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and Instrumental TransCommunications (ITC) researchers in the United States. They are the Directors of the American Association of Electronic Voice Phenomena (AA-EVP), which includes members from around the world. The nonprofit Association is dedicated to the study of EVP and ITC and to helping people learn how to collect examples of these phenomena for themselves. The focus of the AA-EVP is to provide objective evidence that we survive death in an individual conscious state.Tom and Lisa share EVP and ITC history, stories and examples in their new book about the evidence for personal survival through EVP and ITC. They also provide an overview of the latest knowledge in this field and describe techniques for using these phenomena to establish communication with the other side.

EVP are unexpected voices found in audio recording media. Extensive analysis by both trained scientists and amateur experimenters around the world has shown that orthodox theories of science do not explain the existence of EVP. The working hypothesis is that EVP are initiated by discarnate entities. As such, EVP is believed to be one of the best sources of evidence that there is an extended, nonphysical aspect of reality and that we survive in that extended reality after physical death. EVP is increasingly being used in hauntings investigations and can provide valuable cross-correspondence when used with clairvoyants, photography and instrumentation. ITC is a newer term that includes EVP and other forms of technology augmented spirit communications, such as Video ITC and two-way, real-time communications.

The Butlers have been experimenting with EVP for over fourteen years. They have recently begun experimenting with Video ITC, which is a video loopback technique that produces images of apparent nonphysical origin. They describe this technique in the book and explain why they and other researchers believe the images are phenomenal.

Hear some of the Butlers EVPs [provided by the Butlers and used at the White Noise EVP event]

'Get back dear' - 'it is not redemption' - 'That's right we know' -

'hidden morphine' - 'it's Frank'



More information on the film WHITE NOISE theatric release

Official Website -

WHITE NOISE explores the unsettling possibility that the dead can contact us…all we have to do is listen.

When architect Jonathan Rivers (Michael Keaton) loses his wife in a tragic accident, he turns to the shadowy, unnerving world of Electronic Voice Phenomenon - communication from beyond the grave. But as he begins to penetrate the mysteries of EVP, Jonathan makes a shocking discovery: once a portal to the other world is opened, there’s no telling what will come through it.

For those who dare to believe, the WHITE NOISE DVD includes bonus features that explore the eerie phenomenon of EVP, including a live filming of a recording session with voices from beyond, terrifying deleted scenes, and more.

DVD Bonus Features: Terrifyingly Deleted Scenes
· Hearing is Believing: Actual EVP Sessions - Witness the live filming of chilling, real-life EVP recording sessions conducted at haunted locations
· Making Contact: EVP Experts - Discover the strange history and extraordinary achievements of EVP through the experiences of leading authorities
· Recording the Afterlife at Home - A fascinating and chilling guide to making your own EVP recordings

Voices from the Dead – Send your own EVP message –


Windows Media


Related Link:


Contest Enter to Win White Noise Hat, T-Shirt and Poster

Still Photos from the DVD of White Noise





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