Jan 202017
Star Trek Beyond: The Deluxe Edition on CD

STAR TREK BEYOND – Music From The Motion Picture has been released by Varese Sarabande on CD and vinyl for audiophiles (although the vinyl is just the standard edition while the CD is a deluxe edition). The limited edition 2-CD set (limited to 5000 units) features original music composed by Michael Giacchino (DOCTOR STRANGE, ZOOTOPIA, [… read more]

Jan 192017
Star Trek: Enterprise - The Complete Series Warps onto DVD and Blu-Ray

Basically the series is being released in two waves first DVD (which is currently available) and then Blu-Ray in February. Relive the journey of the original starship Enterprise when all four seasons of the sci-fi series Star Trek: Enterprise: The Complete Series arrive on Blu-ray and DVD in a new collection. The Blu-ray set will arrive [… read more]

Oct 062015
Star Trek Fans Rejoice!

Get all your TOS (that’s Star Trek: The Original Series to those of you not in the know) all in one place! Available for the first time in new, shelf-friendly packaging, Star Trek: The Original Series – The Complete Series Megapack includes all three seasons of the iconic sci-fi series that started it all. The must-own collection [… read more]

Jun 222015
Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis

By now you have all seen these Funko Science Fiction Mystery Minis around, but I am just now getting around to reviewing them. As I have just posted my collection of them on Gemr. As you can see I don’t have them all and I don’t feel like I have to track down the ones I’m [… read more]

Jun 012015
Bald is Beautiful: Scifi's Sexiest Bald Women

With Mad Max: Fury Road out starring Charlize Theron with a shaved head I thought I would share some other sexy women of science fiction that have been brave enough to face the shears and lose their locks (whether bald or buzz cut it is all still beautiful). Now mind you these are not really in any [… read more]

Apr 132015
The Great Philadelphia Comic Con 2015

We had the chance to check out The Great Philadelphia Comic Con held in Oaks, PA this past weekend and it was loads of fun! Being new to the scene the crowds were low but not diminished. Loads of fans showed up to support the event and see the stars. Classic Sta Trek and Power Rangers [… read more]

Mar 172015
Digital Parchment Services Reprints Unauthorized, Behind-the-Scenes Books by Trek Chronicler James Van Hise

Digital Parchment Services and well-known media journalist James Van Hise have signed an open-ended agreement to bring his now classic journalistic examinations of the Star Trek phenomenon back into print. The first five books in the series will be published throughout 2015.  The entire series will appear under the title “The Unauthorized Guide to Trek”. [… read more]

Mar 122015
Review: Star Trek Hoodies from ThinkGeek

First off let me state that I am a big Trekkie so these all got a big thumbs up from me right away and hoodies are staple in my wardrobe. That being said let’s get down to business. The initial offering of the Spock Costume Hoodie by Her Universe was just meh and did not [… read more]

Feb 042015
Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever

The graphic novel, Star Trek: The City on the Edge of Forever, combines the 5 issue series that gives us a first ever look at how author, Harlan Ellison, wanted his story to be told. Star Trek fans everywhere know that Harlan Ellison was never happy with what CBS & Gene Roddenberry did with his original [… read more]

Feb 042015
Star Trek Volume 9: The Q Gambit

Star Trek Volume 9: The Q Gambit This is a great Q story collected in one volume. Q is out to cause problems for the JJ Abrams Star Trek universe. If you don’t subscribe to the monthly comics this is the best way to get a story. Star Trek Vol. 9, collects issues #35–40 and is about 152 [… read more]