Scifi Portal

Actors & Actresses
Official and fan sites for some of the hottest sci-fi actors.
Aliens & UFOs
It came from outer space. Literally. Aliens, UFO and information on aductions among other things.
Sites about todays hottest form of animation all the way from Japan.
Art & Artists
Science Fiction art and artists. See how others see the future.
Science Fiction and Fantasy in animated form. Anything from classic cartoons to current shows.
All your favorite comic characters and companies from DC and Marvel to independents.
Find out when it is, where it is and what it is.
Fan Productions
Fan made films and TV series episodes.
Games & Gaming
Computer games, online games, RPG’s, cheat codes and more. just the place to have some fun.
General Sci-Fi
Sites on the general topics of science fiction and fantasy.
Whether it is models, trading cards or toy collecting find out more about them here.
Horror Movies
Scared to go to the movies or just afraid of going home afterwards?
Sci-Fi cartoons, comic strips, parodies and jokes – anything that makes us laugh.
Internet & PC
Web goodies like, banner ads, graphics, classifieds, hosting and more.
Books, authors, magazines, online writings and no one around to say shhh!
The sounds of sci-fi. Music, soundtracks, radio shows and don’t forget filks.
The weird, the unexplained…ghosts and other mysteries of science.
Other indexes and directories geared to science fiction. If you can’t find it here try these sites.
Sci-Fi Clubs
Join a club and make some friends here on earth or across the galaxy.
Sci-Fi Movies
Science Fiction films from the ages. Both fan and official sites are to be found here.
Sci-Fi Television
Sites about all our favorite sci-fi, fantasy and horror TV programs.
Sci-fi Shopping
Find the perfect Sci-Fi collectible at some of the world’s best online shops.
Science & Technology
The real science behind the fiction. Get the facts here.
Space Exploration
Explore the final frontier with the real astronauts and see what’s out there.
Talk Sci-Fi
Join a mailing list or message board and talk about your favorite scifi stuff.