Feb 212013

PennLug (Pennsylvania Lego Users Group) often set up at Wizard World Comic Con in Philadelphia and I get to see their displays at the LEGO store, but this was the first time seeing their awesome 31′ x 23′ LEGO train display. Not only do they display some really awesome train sets (fan built not LEGO official sets), but they surround the trains with  builds and minifgs galore. This was my favorite of all the trains at the Greenberg’s Train & Toy Show I attended this weekend.

Loved the city streets with a few little sci-fi guys thrown in here and there. Like Superman flying around a building or Doctor Who & his TARDIS. See if you can see these and a few others as you check out the photos in the gallery below.

Some of our favorites ranged from simple models like the Amish horse and buggy with poop behind the buggy to grand modular designs like the Pharaoh Theater. All models are made of LEGO (99.9% of which are official LEGO pieces. You may see a few items from BrickForge and a few others).