Jun 262011

Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con 2011 gallery of costumes, panels everything from the comic con.

Overall I have been a little disappointed in the Philly comic cons that I have attended the past few years. The 10th Anniversary show was great, but still nothing like the shows of old (where there were toy companies and comic companies (no DC or Marvel to speak of at these new cons) and I sorely miss the con exclusive toys…guess I need to get to SDCC or NYCC to experience that again).

In a way it is good to relive the memories of these shows through the eyes of a new comer (see Ripley’s coverage from 2010 Comic Con). Because I am a bit jaded and this year’s change in venue to a smaller space really sucked.

So when space and crowds permitted I was able to snap a few photos of some nice costumes to share with you. Here are my favorite photos from the 2010 Comic Con.