Mar 262011

Jane Wiedlin’s Lady Robotika is taking the galaxy by storm and this is your chance to not only get issues #1 and #2, but they are both signed by the rocking alien abductee herself, Jane Wiedlin.

We love the comics and think you will too. They are loaded with sci-fi in jokes that only a true scifi slacker would enjoy.

These comics were donated by Jane to help raise funds during our annual SCIFIpawty on Twitter.  SCIFIpawty is a virtual science fiction convention hosted by my cat on Twitter and attended by animal lovers every where. This year we are raising money for One By One Cat Rescue.

You can also win an autographed CD insert from the Go-Go’s signed by all five band members at

So how do you go about entering our contest? Just answer the trivia question in the comments below and you are entered into our random drawing for this great prize.

Want more chances to win? Donate to our charity using the same email address as the used to answer the question below and you’ll get another entry for every $5 you donate.

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Answer this Question in the comments: Name Jane’s 4 dogs? (hint)

Fine Print: No purchase necessary, void where prohibited, odds of winning depends on number of entries. One entry per person, household, email address, etc. Contest ends 4/5/11.

  • Geordie & Peanut, and Angus & Malcolm are the doggies. and I was reading her page! Wow what a life of excitement and creativity. This is one amazing lady and she SO has my total admiratioN!!

  • Geri Brady

    Geordi, Peanut, Angus, and Malcum. Me and my kids are big Scooby Doo fans and we love the SD movies you were involved with,

  • bill bradley

    Peanut, Geordie, Angus and Malcolm

  • bill bradley

    Geordie, Peanut, Angus and Malcolm

  • Paul Vasquez

    I was lucky to meet Jane at Comic-Con SD last year. She signed my copies of Lady Ribotika. The comics themselves are very creative, beautifully drawn, and a fun read. If you are a fan of comics and Jane Wiedlin, you shouldn’t pass up this opportunity!

  • Morris

    Geordie, Peanut, Angus & Malcolm – what great names!

  • Ray Chesnick

    Geordie, Peanut, Malcolm, Angus — they are friends of ours! =;-) RAY & CHASE (@DaneRay)

  • Dash Kitten and I just donated to the #SciFiPawty too. Sorry its late but we are so glad the fund raising seems to have gone awesomely well.

    DashKitten and Marjorie Dawson (Whskr)

  • Josh

    Geordie & Peanut, and Angus & Malcolm
    Good luck.

  • Joseph Locurcio

    Jane’s doggies are:

    and Malcolm.

  • Daniel M

    Geordie & Peanut, and Angus & Malcolm