Jul 022015
Some Awesome Star Wars Tees Over at Ript

Today’s Ript Apparel t-shirts are loads of fun (so be prepared to buy more than one). First, any geeky cat lover is gonna want this one. CAT-AT’s New Gift by Obvian   Next up is a Calvin and Hobbs Star Wars mashup that is to squee over. Attack of the Deranged Killer Snow Walkers by [… read more]

Jun 012015
Bald is Beautiful: Scifi's Sexiest Bald Women

With Mad Max: Fury Road out starring Charlize Theron with a shaved head I thought I would share some other sexy women of science fiction that have been brave enough to face the shears and lose their locks (whether bald or buzz cut it is all still beautiful). Now mind you these are not really in any [… read more]

Mar 122015
Review: Star Trek Hoodies from ThinkGeek

First off let me state that I am a big Trekkie so these all got a big thumbs up from me right away and hoodies are staple in my wardrobe. That being said let’s get down to business. The initial offering of the Spock Costume Hoodie by Her Universe was just meh and did not [… read more]

Mar 252014
Breaking Bad T-Shirts

I am not a fan of the series (don’t even think I will bother to watch it streaming on Netflix some night when I am desperate. But I know there are a lot of fans out there and you might all like today’s tees over at RIPT Apparel. Episode 4: A New Formula by Ninjaink [… read more]

Mar 242014
Shut Up And Take My Money

That is exactly what I said when I saw this t-shirt over at Ript apparel today! Go get your now! Who can pass up a Futurama Fry Lego Minifigure mashup? Not me! Only available 3/24/2014 So, yeah, SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY already will ya!

Apr 172013
Time to Suit Up and Trek Out

I know I have said this before and I will say it again. Costumes are not just for Halloween people! The Star Trek movie premiere is coming up at warp speed and you need to order your costumes ASAP if you want them to beam into your home before May 17th when the new crew [… read more]

Mar 262013
The Amazing Spider-man Costume Not Just for Halloween Any More

Spider-man. Spider-man. Does whatever a spider can. Love Spider-man! Love the Spider-man comics, the cartoons, the movies — everything Spider-man. Personally I think you can wear your Spider-man costume anytime, anywhere… okay maybe not anytime or anywhere, but you don’t have to wait for Halloween to wear it that’s for sure. Kids of course can [… read more]

Feb 072013
Scifi Footy Pajamas

These are the PJs you are looking for! Jumpin Jammerz makes officially licensed adult footed pajamas that are just as comfy as you remember them as a kid. Of course they make tons of great jammies from DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Looney Tunes and more, but we are going to focus on the two top [… read more]

Jan 042013
Hobbit Feet Slippers Are Loads of Fun & Comfy Too

I know they are called Furry Adventurer Slippers (as they are not officially licensed and are only inspired by The Lord of the Rings), but I like to call them my Hobbit feets. I got myself a pair of these for Xmas and a second pair for a friend. Not a huge fan of slippers. [… read more]